We believe that eSports should be allowed to exist beyond the digital limits.


The Official Team Kinguin Store lets you experience eSports outside the screen. With us, you always stay close to your team -- even when you're offline. Wear a jersey, a jacket or a scarf of your favourite club, and stock up with high-quality gadgets of a faithful fan. Don the colors of Team Kinguin and be one of us!


At our store you get only exquisite products – the exact same as used by our players and coaches. We provide express shipping and secure delivery to over 30 countries. Our customer assistants are here to help.


Our Roots


Team Kinguin runs professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends teams. We live and breathe eSports, supporting the scene on both regional and worldwide scale. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


Kinguin is a platform for exchange of digital goods, especially video games. We provide easy communication between sellers and gamers, and protect the interests of both sides. Over 4 million customers have chosen our services. For more information visit www.kinguin.net.